Sale Frenzy!

In this day and age, everybody's running around with the heads cut off in fear of the recession!
In my opinion, this is the perfect time for every lover of fashion to take a dip in their pockets and spend time scouring for pieces that are synonymous with who they are and who they would like to be. Things are changing in the world people and fashion is becoming cheaper, it wouldn't look that way after a recent increase in the prices at Louis Vuitton but sales are happening and styles are becoming more accessible! My weekly trip to Winner's confirms this for me.

So anyway with all that said I need to make a dash to Sterling Shoes in Northland Village Mall (5111 Northland Drive NW) they seem to be having a blow out sale!

Word is the sale has styles at $30 or less!

See exhibit A

Alright boys and girls, let's see who gets there first! ;)

Photo courtesy a certain "Crackberry!" :)

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Michael said...

My god, I just noticed. Shameless advertising with no relation to fashion whatsoever.

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