Shout Out Out Out Outs!

I have to have to have to give a shout out to the following people who made LG Fashion Week an experience to remember.

The first person I bumped into was Danielle Meder, fashion illustrator and fellow blogger! She is absolutely wonderful in person and spent the week working on water colour illustrations of the runway shows. Thanks to Danielle I am the proud owner of one of her postcards and yup you guessed it, it's from the Travis Taddeo show! Travis was kind enough to sign my envelope and I can't wait to get home to put it in a frame so it can become a permanent fixture in the CF office!

Shout out to Miss Sly!!! She is definitely a trooper and a strong believer in fashion! I loved meeting you Sly, you totally got me excited about being in Toronto. I wish I could have been there earlier in the week! See you next fashion week you and I must make it to all the parties!
The SubAdult Years blogger, Rebecca Leung was also a pleasure to meet. I like her because she's very direct and speaks exactly what is on her mind! She also has this post on race and ethnicity at Toronto Fashion Week! You must read it!

Also big shout out to Adejoke Taiwo, Evan Biddell who knows how to throw a party and Travis Taddeo for a super wicked collection and for kindly chatting with me.

Till next time!


Photos courtesy of Miss Sly, Final Fashion.

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