LGFW Review: Ula Zokowska, Travis Taddeo, Zoran Dobric, Joeffer Caoc, Lundstrom

Show One: Ula Zokowska
The second day of LG Fashion week had fashionistas in full drive with the first day of full showings. The day began with Ula Zukowska who has been in the Canadian fashion industry since 1994. Her collection was a blend of black and brown with a large addition of fur. Zukowska show opened LG Fashion week spectators to the trend of fur that appeared all week at the tents. The collection was based on the dark ages and a reflection of the current state of the economy. Zukowska's inspirations led to more structure in her pieces.

Show Two: Travis Taddeo

The first highlight of the day was Calgary native Travis Taddeo's collection who also reps Montreal hard! It was his first time to show at Toronto fashion week. The collection was perfect for the young urban, working fashionista. Perfect looks for a day at the office or hustling and bustling in the city preparing for shoots and editorial meetings. The versatility of the collection showed that he had the working girl and guy in mind. All looks presented would not only work for chic workers on the go but hold up once the work day is done and drinks are in order!

Check out Travis's Spring/Summer 09 collection.

For his fall 09 collection, Taddeo shied away from the usual vibrant colors that are prevalent in his collections but stuck to safe, workable colors, black, white and blue with a hint of gold here and there. Boys remained in skinny black pants or white straight leg pants while ladies were in skinny pants with knee pad sections and short mini skirts. I loved this collection and in all honesty can see the Calgary Fashion team all ooh and aahing over the pieces in the collection.
Perfect for the working fashionistas in the industry.

Show Three: Zoran Dobric

The next collection of the day was by Zoran Dobric. Dobric is a very hard worker. Do not underestimate this humble and at times shy designer. In 2008, Dobric began working towards his whole sale line that can be found in stores in Toronto and for his fall 2009 collection the designer has strengthened his collection and featured his usual take on futuristic tribal prints and stuck to black, white, blues and purples.

Show Four: Joeffer Caoc

Joeffer Caoc is a very established member of the fashion industry. Labeled as one of the seven from the "Group of Seven" by the FDCC, Caoc's collection was simple and clear.

Show Five: Linda Lundtröm

Unfortunately we missed the come back of Linda Lundstrom who filed for bankruptcy earlier on in 2008.

Photos courtesy of LG Fashion Week and Peter Lytwyniuk @ Studiolit

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