Spread Your Wings

“Feathers make the perfect accessory right now – they’re exotic, sensual and eye-catching, but still very delicate,” says Heather Mandin.

Heather is the artist behind the collection of feathered headbands, hair clips, and brooches.
Using vintage and new feathers in combination with antique stones, these unique feathered pieces truly emanate the Parts By Heather conviction that no two parts are the same.

“My favourite piece right now is the Fregata,” exclaims Heather. “It’s named after the Frigate bird, also known as the Man of War bird, which inflates its red gular pouch to attract a mate during breeding season – how fitting!”
Wear these ornaments boldly à la Carrie Bradshaw, or choose a more classic piece, channelling your inner Greta Garbo. From feathered hair bands to clips and brooches, there is something for every occasion. “An updo looks great with the garbo clip and the skinny feather hairbands can be worn tiara style or just at the crown,” says Heather. “The great thing about the feathered pins and hair clips are that they are so versatile – I clip them onto lapels, dresses, jackets, scarves and even hats!”

Parts By Heather feathered accessories range between $35 to $85 for hair band and $45 to $55 for hair clips. Larger pieces and custom designs are also available.
Find your next feathered friend online at www.partsbyheather.com or in Calgary at Crabapple Clothing Company, located at 3526 Garrison Gates SW, Marda Loop.
Courtesy of Nicole Stewart PR

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Love the designs (and the makeup!). Fantastic.

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