Calgary-born designer Travis Taddeo is featured in Z!NK Magazine's summer issue. In the article Tina Christopoulos draws attention to Taddeo's commitment to providing individualistic designs to his young clientele. "What I really want people to get from my clothes is the knowledge that individuality is important" he says. "It's OK not to wear the same thing as everyone else." Calgary Fashion could not agree more. The world of fashion can be inspiring but also extremely disappointing. Rather than being roused by runway looks, many people seem to reiterate looks from head to toe. The increasing trend of copying runway looks verbatim, leaves some of us at Calgary Fashion disheartened. Since when did fashion become so rigid? I remember counting 17 Coach bags, 5 pairs of Uggs, 8 pairs of Ray-Bans and several outfits covered in labels during a half-hour coffee break on 17th Ave. Is this a part of Calgary's conservative nature? To have what everyone else has? Or is it because Calgary is isolated from the fashion industry's glorious individuality?

We salute Travis Taddeo for his undying motivation to infuse Canada's fashion industry with a punch of unfamiliarity. His latest collection will be shown at the upcoming Toronto Fashion Week in October, followed by a release in the US.

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