I caught up with Lexie Stewart, a personal fashion muse and aspiring designer, actress, and all-around artiste to ask her opinion on clothes, trends, and the most fashionable cities.

Q. What stared your interest in fashion?
A. It must be my mothers fault. Growing up she always bought me those toy plastic heels from Toys’R’Us, and dressed me up in frilly dresses with crinolines underneath. She’s a sewer, so we could always make whatever clothes I wanted. By the time I was in grade 6, I was wearing lime green leggings and unheard-of Uggs. Around that time Lizzy Maguire intrigued me because no other girl dressed like her, so I was very daring with clothes. Then I started paying attention to designers and their runways.

Q. Who have become your favorite designers?
A. Chloe. Definitely. Chloe has always been the top for me. I love the oversized, male (but feminine) clothes. Ellie Saab has the most incredible dresses. Chanel accessories, shoes, and dresses are always beautiful and classic. I love Balenciaga purses and Christian Louboutin shoes are to die for. He is without a doubt the god of shoe making.

Q. Any pieces by your favorite designers you'd like to get your hands on?
A. Christian Louboutin shoes. For sure. I’d die to have a pair. I’ve been looking at a lot of sale sites that you can buy them from for around $150.00, but I’m not fully sure if they’re all legit! If I had the figure, a Herve Leger dress would be awesome. Once you look good in one of those dresses, you know you’ve made it in the fitness department. Also, a padded, chain strapped Chanel purse. So classy.

Q. And if you can't have designer pieces, where do you shop in Calgary?
A.Zara, Zara, Zara. H&M, Joe Fresh, Gap, Aldo.

Q. You and your mom sew a lot of your clothes - how'd you get started?
A. My mom always made her own clothes growing up. She got me started. Being able to sew has come in handy. I found a dress by Chanel that I adored, so I recreated it for my grad! And I did the same thing for my friend with an Oscar De La Renta dress recently. I’ve grown up around sewing so I was sort of just born into it, lucky for me!

Q. What are the best and worst trends, in your opinion?
A. Hmm worst fashion trend. SO many people say Uggs on this question. I don’t give a crap. They’re so comfortable and handy, it doesn’t even matter, you don’t have to look perfect ALL the time. I love mine. So worst fashion trend? I can’t think of one specific item, but for me, it’s 80’s clothing. I’d have to say the 80’s were the worst for fashion and I really hope it doesn’t continue to come back full throttle. There are certain pieces that are 80’s inspired that when put together with something else can look awesome. Best fashion trend, I’m not sure if this counts but, empire waist. It looks good on almost everybody, big boobs, small boobs, long waist, short waist. It’s pretty, it’s feminine. With long dresses it looks ethereal, on short baby doll dresses it’s cute.

Q. Thinking about your closet, what can't you live without?
A.Honestly? Leggings. Definitely. I’m very much about comfort. At the moment, probably my gladiator sandals too. They’re nothing special but, they’re nicer than flip flops. They took me all through Europe. Also, my black tube skirt. I remember seeing one on Ashley Olsen, and I had to have that skirt. So I retreated to the sewing room and whipped myself up one from an old stretchy black maternity dress that was my mothers.

Q. What's the most fashionable city you've traveled to?
A. I would have to say London. It’s just because so many women there have real styles, whereas in many other cities, lots of people just dress the same. Both men and women are more daring with their style, and it helps that there are a lot more clothing stores to shop at for more variety. There’s everything from grunge to fashionable but clean and classy. Style there seems effortless.

Q. Where would you like to travel next?
A. Scottland and Ireland. It has nothing to do with fashion or the shopping. But Scottland DOES have a topshop...

Thanks Lexie!


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