Eleven Minutes

With Project Runway Canada well on it's way, the release of American, Project Runway winner, Jay McCarroll's documentary Eleven Minutes comes at an interesting time as we anticipate the winner of PRC2.

Last year at The Calgary International Film Festival, the fashion exponent to the festival allowed for viewers to watch the hectic fast paced life of the determined designer. I did a review a while ago, while working for The Reflector. It was often times funny as we watched McCarroll go through designing for New York Fashion Week and preparing for his big debut.

There has been a lot of Project Runway Canada talk on the blogs lately and some interesting points have been raised.

What do you think of Project Runway Canada so far?

Eleven Minutes Website
Danielle gives us a "Late Review" of Eleven Minutes
I also really liked her post on the "recession!
Evan Bidell and Kim Cather's connection? The small community of Canadian fashion reveals itself.
The problem with Project Runway Canada The problem with most reality shows is being picked up on by Demi Couture.

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